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Digital Arts Photography Studio

The Studio totals about 2500 square feet of space, including a wet/bar deli island.  There is a small hardwood dance floor and raised stage.

The Studio is available for rental by the hour at the rate of $35.00 for the photography studio (stage and hardwood floor, including lights and backgrounds) with a three hour minimum or $200.00 for a 8-10 hour day.

Computers and photo and video editing capabilities are available for $15.00-$25.00 per hour.

The meeting space is available for $35.00 per hour with a one hour minimum and $200.00 for a 8-10 hour day.

The entire space (except the small office) including the deli island, dance floor, stage, and 12 tables seating 48 people is available for meetings, birthdays, events, small parties, etc. is also available for rental by the hour at the rate of $65.00 per hour with a three hour minimum for parties or $400.00 dollars for an 8-10 hour day.

Local photographers needing studio rental by the hour call me.  

Renters of the space are responsible for setting up and cleaning the facility to the original conditions after their event.

Call Manuel  J. Garcia at 429-2840 for more information.

Digital Arts Photography Studio 428 Grand Avenue (Upstairs)

Students in my Saturday mornings Photography Class

Mom at her 74th Birthday Party/Mothers Day Celebration

Photography/Videography Space---Lights, backgrounds, stage, dance floor, Tables---$35.00 per hour

Meeting Space---12 tables seat 48 people.   Large Screen 42" LCD with Internet capability.  Overhead projector and screen.   $35.00 per hour

Office--Not Available for rental

Computer with photo /video software, wireless mouse/keyboard and 42" LCD large screen available for $25.00 per hour.  Computer with photo and video software and 22 in monitor available for $15.00 per hour.

All images on this site are copyrighted by Manuel J. Garcia (Digital Arts Photography Studio).  All Rights Reserved